Meles Zenawi Poverty Redaction


Ethiopia: Poverty Alleviation Cannot Succeed Without Job Creation – Meles Zenaw

By Zelalem Girma

Unemployment and low income were one of the pressing issue in urban cities of Ethiopia for years. Many university students were worried about searching jobs after graduation. Before a decade, it was not only a concern for the parents but also for government bodies to find permanent jobs for several graduated youths and to increase the income of small householders.

Under the leadership of Meles Zenawi, the government formulated a policy to mitigate the overwhelmed problem by fostering micro and small enterprises (MSEs). In this case, the MSEs Development Strategy designed by Meles aims to create an enabling environment for MSEs to create jobs for the many. In addition, it objects to accelerate economic growth and bring about equitable development, create long-term jobs, strengthen cooperation between MSEs, provide the basis for the Medium and Large Scale Enterprises, and promote export to earn more foreign currency.

However developing countries of Asia, Latin America and Africa accepted the importance and contribution of MSEs in stimulating development and economic growth, in the meantime it was not almost acknowledged among the majority of the people of Ethiopia. While some explicitly changed their life by MSEs, many entered into the sector to increase their income and improve their lives.