ICT Services

data-centerThe Academy Internet service is increasing progressively with the increase in number of users and the program expansions of the Academy. The ICTS in consultation with the management of the Academy in this regard has done an effort to expand and upgrade Information Technology Infrastructure and services.
We are providing fast broadband internet services with capacity of 45MBps. That is, we have two other connections with the capacity of 40MBps and 20MBps for Woreda net Services. Furthermore, campus wide huge wireless internet connection is deployed which has 10 access points (with its wireless controller) which are mounted in all corners of the Academy mainly focusing on Trainee dormitory and library.

2 computer laboratories with the capacity of 25 computers actively working. These computer laboratories are mainly intended for internal and External ICT Training services.
The office is currently established as an ICT Team Office level with Team Leader, 3 professionals.picture2