Objectives of the Academy

The Academy shall have the following objectives: 

  1. Creating leader  with  knowledge,  skill  and competence  in  the  areas  of  urban  development agenda  like  land  development,  urban  plan, urban  infrastructure,  urban  housing development, micro and small scale enterprises development, urban transport, good governance agenda and the like; 
  2. By providing education and training to leaders who  are  assigned  at  various  levels  of  the  City Government  to  equip  them  with  leadership  knowledge,  skill  and  ethics;  and  to  realize  qualified and numerous successor leaders;
  3. To realize  the  renaissance  journey  of  the  Country  and  the  City  by  shaping    leaders  who  are  assigned  at  various  levels  with  leadership  wisdom  and  enable  them  capable  and  competitive at national and international level ;
  4. By providing education  and  training  based  on  research,  study,  reflection,  analysis  and  inculcation  to  leaders  who  are  assigned  at  various  levels  to  produce  leaders  in  sufficient  number  and  quality  having  deep  belief  in  the  well  being  of  the  people  and  capable  of  generating  matured,  scientific  and  problem  solving thoughts.