Meles Zenawi was a man of the people. He was always at the forefront of the perilous journey undertaken to uproot the repressive regime of the past on the battlefield. Once in office, he led the efforts to democratize the nation and ensure equality and prosperity for the Ethiopian people. His intellectual qualities, his magnanimity and humility, together with his energy, vision, and determination, put him at the forefront of safeguarding the interests of Ethiopia and of Africa to achieve freedom and prosperity. He left a huge legacy for the Ethiopian people to encourage them to continue on the path of peace, stability, unity, progress, and cohesion. With his vision to be carried on, his untiring devotion would be rewarding.


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የ6ተኛ ዙር ጀማሪ አመራሮች ስልጠና አላማውን እንዳሳካ ተገለፀ
የመለስ ዜናዊ አመራር አካዳሚ ለስድስተኛ ዙር የሰጠው የጀማሪ አመራር ስልጠና ከተቀመጠለት ግብ አንፃር በስኬት መጠናቀቁን የስልጠናውን አፈፃፀም አስመልክቶ የፌዴራል እና
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